Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Musings

We are making progress on signing this petition! Thank you to all who are supporting the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program and the 502 Direct Loan Program. We have an initial goal of 1,000 signatures. We are getting close and this petition and site have just come on line this week. There are some great comments on the Petition. Thank you to all the past, present, and we hope future participants of this program. We love to see your comments.

Shandele Kestie said "I would not own a home today if it was not for this wonderful program. Now I'm helping others achieve the American Dream!"

There was a postcard template posted on the "Get Involved" page. Do you think we should all send them in on a coordinated day?

We just got another postcard template from Florida Home Partnership! They revised the template and added graphics. Way to be creative Florida Home Partnership!

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