Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spell VICTORY!!!

Congratulations to everyone because we won the first budget battle! Turns out that Congress must have agreed with us, because we got Self-Help for the remainder of FY2011!  That's right folks, both 502 and 523 will be funded!!! The House and the Senate will vote on the bill later this week, so stay posted.  So here are the numbers.....

FY 2011 Funding Levels:
     · Section 502 – $1.12 Billion
     · Section 523 – $37 Million

The Hub would like to pass on a special thank you from NRSHHA to Bob Rapoza for taking the lead on this oh-so critical matter. Many thanks also to the NRCH membership, LISC, NeighborWorks America®, HAC and as well to all the members of NRSHHA who got out there to share our story with your members of Congress.

And one last thank you - to our Self-Help families.  It is your dedication, your hard work, your enthusiasm, and your smiles that makes our jobs so rewarding. 

Let us celebrate our victory today and come back tomorrow with renewed vigor as we tackle the next challenge.....the 2012 budget!

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